Aires is a 3 year old, brindle pit bull/lab mix. She weighs in the 60-70 lb. range. Aires was surrendered to us because she was arguing with some other dogs and people in her household; during her wellness check, we learned Aires’ ears were so infected that the ear canals had re-routed themselves. Imagine what that kind of ear infection would do to your temperament; imagine how it would make you feel. A bit “snappy” maybe? Like you want to lash out because of the pain? Think about it. If left untreated, how would it impact your behavior towards other animals and people?

Aires is ready for a fresh start. Here’s what she needs:

1. Aires had 8 healthy puppies at our shelter; she cared for them non-stop, with only short potty breaks; her puppies gorged themselves on her milk; they grew fat and sassy, sucking the nutrients out of their mom, and developed such sweet and playful personalities that they quickly found forever homes. Now it’s Aires turn to be nursed and pampered with high value food, fun, and affection.

2. Aires may need to be your only dog, or she may just be picky about her dog friends; she tries to argue with other dogs in the kennel but if you were confined to a noisy, cinder block stall with 8 pups hanging off you every minute of your day, you might be grumpy too.

3. Kids: only kids over 12 or no kids at all. No offense, but this dog has experienced more than her share of meanness–only kids that are kind, respectful, and gentle will be approved for Aires. “Love only” connections for this gal from now on.

4. Cats: please don’t ask us how Aires does with cats; we don’t have that information, and since Aires is not in a home right now we can’t test her in a home with cats; if you have cats but no experience introducing a shelter dog to cats, or if you have cats and aren’t sure how to keep them safe with a new shelter dog in the house, then don’t apply for Aires. If you’ve had success introducing a shelter dog to your cat(s) in the past, then *do* consider adopting Aires.

5. In spite of her rough start, Aires has always been gentle and polite with our volunteers; she doesn’t charge her gate to go outside; she waits politely while you clip her leash, she may tug a bit on her lead; she’s 3 years old and has a healthy forward gear; she has great snuggle potential.

6. Aires has been so busy as a full time mom, nurturing and protecting her pups, that we havn’t practiced dog training; lots of moms benefit by going back to school after raising their pups; Aires would benefit by going back to dog school, too.

7. Only dedicated dog people should inquire. Aires will bloom into something special with responsible leadership, exercise, affection, and love. We can hardly wait for that romance to begin.

8. Don’t apply unless you won’t give up. If you’re ready to commit, contact Tri-County Animal Rescue Center on Facebook, call 814-918-2032, or email:

Volunteers that work with our dogs are not always at the rescue center during public hours. Please make an appointment if you wish to be able to take a dog out of its kennel. Thank you!